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About us

Global service, covering mergers and acquisitions operations, corporate organization, legal structuring, representation in various judicial and administrative demands and assistance from the legal point of view of operational routine matters, including identifying needs and developing solutions.

Committed to an in-depth understanding of the client’s operations, creating synergies to support business planning and implementing the necessary measures to achieve our client’s objectives.

Commitment to a personalized and agile service, always counting on the direct participation of our partners.

Teams with experienced professionals and in-depth technical training focused on the client’s demands and objectives, adopting specific strategies for each situation. Our services are customized, aligned to the client’s objectives and comprise from identification of contingencies and preventive diagnoses to assistance on contracts, mergers and acquisitions, corporate structures, business and labor issues, as well as alternative forms of conciliation such as mediation, an effective and less costly method applicable to conflicts resolution.



She works in Business Consulting, including Corporate Law and M&A, Property and Succession Planning, Holdings, Business Contract Management, Mediation and Liability Prevention.


He works in Consulting and Civil Litigation, Civil responsibility, Asset Management and Business Succession.


He works in Consulting and Tax and Social Security Litigation. Tax Due Diligence.


He works in Consulting for Mergers & Acquisitions Operations. Valuation. Due Diligence. Conduction of Negotiations. New Business Planning.

Practice Areas

Corporate Structuring and Reorganization;

Due diligence;

Commercial Contracts;

Legal Opinions;

Association and Statutes contracts;

Protocols and Agreements of quota holders/shareholders;

Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies;

Corporate Mediation.

Sell-side: Advice specializing in the sale of companies

Buy-Side: Advice specializing in the purchase of companies

Advice to maximize company value

Family Businesses: Advising on the step-by-step of purchase and sale operations, following the path from decision-making to business conclusion.

Due diligence

Administrative and judicial litigation at Federal, State and Municipal levels;

Consultancy and tax planning to reduce risks and taxes to be collected;

Analysis of tax information to identify tax credits to be recovered;

Preparation of special tax regimes suited to client’s operations;

Obtaining, renewing and monitoring tax compliance certificates before all related public institutions;

Monitoring of tax or customs inspection procedures.

Administrative and judicial social security litigation;

Consulting and planning to reduce risks and social security contributions to be collected;

Analysis of social security information to identify credits to be recovered;

Obtaining, renewing and monitoring certificates of regularity before all related public institutions;

Monitoring of social security inspection procedures.

Family Holdings, Shares Usufruct and Shareholder Agreement;

Wills and Judicial and Extrajudicial Inventories;

Constitution and dissolution of stable union;

Judicial and extrajudicial divorce of marriages contracted in Brazil and abroad;

Coexistence Agreements and Prenuptial Agreements;

Preparation of the company and leaders for the succession process.

Civil responsibility;

Indemnity Actions;

Extrajudicial collections: Negotiation, Mediation, Conciliation and Formalization of Agreements;

Judicial collections: Enforcement of titles and guarantees, search and seizure, among others;

Insurance: Analysis of contracts and coverage, Risk Management, Management and reduction of loss ratio.

Advisory, Preventive and Litigation;

Assistance in Admissions, Dismissals and Collective Bargaining Processes;

Contingency Management and Liability Management;

Administrative and Judicial Defense in Inspections, Assessments, Inquiries and Public Civil Action.

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